Middle Scala/Java Engineer
3+ years of experience in software engineering with Scala/Java.
Proficient in PL/SQL with at least 1 years of working experience.

Project Overview

Our client is a company that enables people, enterprises, and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location, it empowers their customers to achieve better outcomes from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to delivering drivers to their destination safely.

We are working on the Platform which provides the next generation of location based services intelligence. With every connected IoT device or sensor capable of generating and sharing location data, the Platform helps to make better use of that data and transform it into useful services for people and organizations all in real-time. The Platform is meant to become the go-to destination for location services, supporting not only autonomous vehicles but smart cities and intelligent transportation systems too.

Why we rock?

  • Data-centric development. We build reusable components that run complex data pipelines at scale through data management, processing and distribution services and APIs.
  • Visualized location intelligence. The maps rendering service we are working on is one of the key Platform's client-facing features which helps businesses to make sense of location data by empowering 2D and 3D rendering capabilities of modern web browsers.
  • The way of working. Fresh setup, minimum to none legacy processes and technologies, a good chance to start over with a clean slate.
  • Best practices. Platform possesses strong background in continuous delivery approaches, automated testing, and employs the best DevOps practices to ensure the Platforms reliability at scale.
  • Self-fulfillment. Stand at the roots of the Platform that will redefine how society thinks about location data and boost your professional value by mastering edge data management techniques.

As a Software Engineer you will develop smart content sourcing tools for the state-of-the-art mapping technologies. You will be part of an agile team that is developing geo-spatial processing, enrichment and transformation tools with the goal to source map content in a highly automated manner. You will contribute to make the freshest and most relevant digital map to build the foundation for Autonomous Driving.

  • Develop new software products from the ground up and extend and maintain them in a creative and iteratively growing environment
  • Implement tools to improve both automated and semi-automated map data processing, involving backend/service-based software stacks, but also dashboard components for data tracking and analysis
  • Apply and extend CI/CD tools and execute end-2-end ownership of your developed Software stack, including DevOps and testing aspects
  • Work closely with other full stack and frontend engineers on the team to define and refine APIs and system integrations

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Geoinformatics

  • 3+ years of experience in software engineering with Scala/Java;
  • Strong knowledge of functional programming;
  • Proficient in Scala with at least 1 years of working experience or willing to switch to it;
  • Proficient in PL/SQL with at least 1 years of working experience;
  • Experience in unit testing using Scala test or similar frameworks;
  • Exposure to big data processing using Spark;
  • Knowledge of AWS, specifically, running spark jobs on EMR;
  • Well versed with CI/CD and using version systems (like git) code review tools(like Gerrit) and build tools(like Jenkins).
Nice to have
  • Experience with Kubernetes and Helm;
  • Exposure to Akka Streams;
  • Familiar with GeoJSON;
  • Experience with Non-SQL DBs, e.g. MongoDB, Aurora.
Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Ivano-Frankivsk
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